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  x - PDFExpired


One, overview


       The x-PDFExpired tool is a term by Beijing Nestone Technology Co., Ltd independently developed specifically for the PDF file to add time limit tool.


       The tool can through time, path, version, to the PDF file limit, makes the PDF file can be effective for management.


Two, why to use it


       ◆  When a document hope others to share, but don't want to share too long, then use the time limit, you can easily reach the requirements,within the stipulated time, can be a normal reading the file, but beyond the prescribed time, the file is automatically original content is covered, can not browse.


       ◆  When a website of electronic documents, don't want people to freely reprint, prevent free download, only in the current web browsing, then use the path period,as long as the path term set into electronic documents in the network address, can achieve a goal.


     ◆  When the PDF file some contents need requires Adobe Reader/Acrobat version is open, it uses a version of time.




      1. you can batch:


          At the same time for multiple files to add a number of different period project, function is powerful.


      2. Time can be set to PDF document set up valid start time and the end time, in the effective period can not normal use of PDF document;


      3. Path time limit may be set PDF to open the document path, on the wrong path will not normally open PDF document.


      4. Version limit can be set to PDF to open the document used by the editor Version ( the product supports Adobe version Reader/Acrobat6.0 and above ), does not meet the editor version will be unable to open the PDF document.


      5. In addition to the output file can be linearized output, improve document browsing speed.


      6. Add user password and the owner password, PDF copyright protection.


      7. Three period can be set at the same time.




 Detailed parameters:


• support PDF version: PDF 1.0 PDF 1.7

• support: the RC4 (forty - 128) bit, AES - (128, 256) bit

• hardware: 166 MHZ Pentium (or with class CPU) or higher CPU, 32 MB memory (64 recommended), 2 gb hard drive (at least 650 MB free disk)

• operating system: Windows 2000 and Windows xp, Windows 2003 and Windows vista, Windows 7

• support encryption decryption (owner)

• support linear output

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