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One, overview


       x-PDFEncryption bulk encryption tools is a letter from Beijing long science and technology limited company independently developed specifically for the PDF batch file to add password tool, allowing you to encrypt the PDF document more secure, more assured.


Two, features


     The emergence of x-PDFEncryption, so that you can add a password for PDF documents more easily, convenient.


    x-PDFEncryption encryption type:


        Open password: open the PDF document need to add password

       ◆ User password: used to PDF document editing, printing operation limit password


     x-PDFEncryption encryption methods:


          40 bit RC4

      128 bit RC4

      128 bit AES

      256 bit AES


   Specifies the x-PDFEncryption encryption part:


      All the content of the document encryption

       Encrypt all the document content, with the exception of metadata

            ◆ Only the encrypted document attachment


     x-PDFEncryption can specify edit, print and other operational authority.


     x-PDFEncryption can be carried out in a batch operation.


     x-PDFEncryption can be linearized output


     X-PDFEncryption implementation of high efficiency, fast speed.





Detailed parameters:


Support PDF version: PDF 1.0 PDF 1.7

Support: the RC4 (40 - 128) bit, AES - (128, 256) bit

Hardware: 166 MHZ Pentium (or with class CPU) or higher CPU, 32 MB memory (64 recommended), 2 gb hard drive (at least 650 MB free disk)

Operating system: Windows 2000 and Windows xp, Windows 2003 and Windows vista, Windows 7

Support linear output

Support after the date of additional output filename

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