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First, summary:


   X - PDFWatermark batch watermark tool is one long letter by Beijing Nestone Technology Co., Ltd, independent development of specialized to PDF files batch add watermark tools.


   X - PDFWatermark in PDF document add watermark to become more easy. Using this software, you can design the watermark into the file name, company Logo, personal signature, product pictures, network address and so on many kinds of forms, meet different user needs.


Second,  features:


   X - PDFWatermark support batch operation, the enterprise users can greatly improve work efficiency.

   X - PDFWatermark for PDF files increase various forms of watermark mark.


       Text watermarking:


n  The input text make watermark, rise in the page

n  Can set the font name, size, color

n  Set rotation Angle

n  Set watermark position

n  Support the transparency setting


       Image watermarking:


n  According to the input image path, will make the watermark image

n  Support the mainstream image formats: JPEG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP

n  According to the need to do image scale

n  Set watermark position

n  Support the transparency setting


       PDF watermark:


n   According to the input of PDF path, the PDF files made watermark

n   Support will PDF decryption

n   Watermark scale

n   Set watermark position

n   Support the transparency setting


Support linear output, convenient web page and download

Support any page watermark, you can choose page watermark

Support linear output, convenient web page and download

Support encryption output, including open password and access password, protect your       document security

Support multiple adding different watermark (in the text watermarking files can also add images/PDF watermark)











1, the operating system



ü  Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium / Professional / Enterprise / Home Basic / Starter / Ultimate(32/64bit)

ü  Microsoft® Windows® Vista Ultimate / Business / Home Premium / Home Basic(32/64bit)

ü  Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional / Home Edition(32/64bit)

ü  Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional(32bit)

ü  Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003/2003 R2(32/64bit)

ü  Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008(32/64bit)/2008 R2(64bit)

64 bit version of XP/Vista must be above the SP1 rc.

64 bit environment operation, according to the pattern of 32 bit.



2, support PDF version: PDF - 1.1 ~ PDF1.7



3, support the RC4 - bit, RC4-128 bit, AES - 128 bit, AES - 256 bit










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