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Product Description:
The bulk encryption tool is x-PDFRestrictionsRemover a letter Hisamichi by Beijing Nestone Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed specifically for PDF files batch tool to unlock the password and more convenient to use and edit PDF files.

x-PDFRestrictionsRemover appear, allowing you to unlock the password and restrictions for PDF documents, easier and convenient.
The x-PDFRestrictionsRemover the decryption Type:
password: the need to add a password to open a PDF document open
the permissions password: used to edit, print and other operations on PDF files to limit password
the x-PDFRestrictionsRemover support the decryption way
◆ 40 bit RC4
◆ 128 bit RC4
◆ 128 bit AES
◆ 256 bit AES
the x-PDFRestrictionsRemover permissions edit, print and other operations can be lifted
the x-PDFRestrictionsRemover batch operations
the x-PDFRestrictionsRemover linear output, improve Internet browsing speed and efficiency
the x-PDFRestrictionsRemover execution efficiency, speed

Operating system
Microsoft ® Windows ® 7 Home Premium / Professional / Enterprise / Home Basic / Starter / Ultimate (32/64bit)
Microsoft ® Windows ® Vista Ultimate / Business / Home Premium / Home Basic (32/64bit)
Microsoft ® Windows ® XP Professional / Home Edition (32/64bit)
Microsoft ® Windows ® 2000 Professional (32bit)
Microsoft ® Windows ® Server 2003/2003 R2 (32/64bit)
Microsoft ® Windows ® Server 2008 (32/64bit) / 2008 R2 (64bit)
64bit version of XP / Vista SP1 above.
64bit operation of the environment, in accordance with the 32bit mode.
Support PDF version: PDF-1.1 ~ PDF1.7
Supports RC4-40bit RC4-128bit AES-128bit AES-256bit
Supports batch
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