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One.Product Introduction

    PDFImage batch conversion tool is one long letter by Beijing Nestone 

Technology Co., Ltd., independent development of specialized for batch  images  

convert PDF files tool.


u       It can batch at the same time for multiple image files convert PDF files.

u       X - PDFImage can output files are linearized Settings, improve document browsing speed

u        Can be added to open the password and access code, to protect the copyright of PDF documents;

u       After the merger to output file path Settings, on the wrong path can't normal open the PDF document;

u      To set the page size, can also customize in width and height,

u Can set the image proportion and transparency,

u      Can choose image rotation Angle;

u       Can set the image position, custom from the left, and right margins, the tomargin, closed pitch size.

u       Can get the image information (image Type, image size, horizontal and vertical DPI DPI, Bits Per Component, Bits Per Pixel, Compress Type, Color Space, CCITT Compress Type attribute)

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