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Android version of the mobile business document browsing editor x-Office , have shows rich content concise, browsing speed is quick, take up the space is little, portability strong characteristics, support MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF, Txt five file format, and can show most of the file information, such as text, images (support PNG/JPG/BMP/EMF/WMF), the vector diagram, forms, etc.


Browse function has the following several characteristics:


1. Easy operation

Program can automatically identify different format files, for different versions of the same format file can also quickly and accurately identified. The user in the operating process, can be all format file copy to the same folder, optional click, realizing fast browsing.


2. Display format rich

This software to support the current usage frequency is very high MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF and text of 5 file format, and support MS Office 97/98/2000 / XP / 2003/2007/2010 and PDF1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7 and so on many kinds of version of the file format browsing and editing, and support the PNG/JPG/BMP images and EMF/WMF graphics file browsing. In addition, because my company is engaged in all kinds of data conversion and browsing software development is a professional company, so in browsing editor of the solutions we can provide more choice space, a scheme is let browse editor support more file format, another scheme is based on the server for data conversion service plan.


3. Display browse content rich concise

Office mobile browsing editor can browse the following content of the layout of the content is defined in the paper print output when the size of the paper or screen width for typesetting.

. The Word words, form, text box, image (PNG/JPG/BMP/TIF, etc.), graphics of literal, project symbol.

. Excel in words, Numbers, date, time, and currency symbol, grades, percentage, etc and text color, form border, etc

. PowerPoint text box in the text, images, forms, bulleted, vector map, etc.

. The PDF of the text, images, vector diagram, and the corresponding text color and PDF files such as decryption.

. Txt documents and can set Txt documents font size, and font color, so that users have better visual effect.


4. Display browsing speed

Browse editor to process a lot of optimization, which is relatively slow, memory is relatively small mobile, realize the higher browsing and editing speed. Usually text files from click the file name to the first page displayed open speed generally in 1-2 seconds, to have a small amount of graphics, image files are usually also can be in a few seconds displayed within, basically can realize mobile phone to MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, PDF files fast browsing and Word, Excel fast editing.


5. Take up the space is small

This software in speed increases, the size of the program itself also has been optimized, and make the treatment of complicated Word, PDF file format program in hundreds of K, and the operation of the program within space usually in 6 MB or so, unless browsing more than 1 MB file, need more space.


6. Portability strong

This software is facing multiple operating system platform design and become, so it has high portability, if need can quickly portable to other platforms. File read kernel can support to Windows, Linux, Unix, etc as the core of the operating system. Display section can support to WinCE, Linux related GDI output interface, no matter what kind of operating system, only after simple transplantation can correspondence.

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