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Services Overview:

Relying on powerful systems and products development team, Beijing Nestone Technology Co., Ltd as established a perfect after-sale technical support service system to guarantee timely response and quickly resolve. This products service declaration applys to software products developed by  Beijing Nestone Technology Co., Ltd. Along with powerful professional technical, for all the end-user who has purchased our software products, we will provide following services.


1.  Customer callback system

Find out the use of our software products and evaluation from clients timely through a periodically callback mechanism via telephone, e-mail or other methods.

2.  Consulting service

For clients’ problems encountered in the use of software products, we provide professional and technical advisory services, timely response and solutions.

3.  Products updates and errors

Fixes and updates for the problems found in the use of software products timely.

4.  Troubleshooting (non-viral and user human factors)

Timely resolution of software product failure occurs during operation.

5.  Upgrades for the same version products (software modifications to enhance software usability and performance improvement)

6.  Telephone hotline technical support, E-mail Reply

Solve customer’s problems directly via telephone communication with our technical engineers.


Describe the problem and send to the Technical Advisory mailbox: or

Engineers will reply solution to customers by mail.

Service time: Monday to Friday, 900—1800.


Beijing Nestone Technology Co., Ltd Beijing ICP 11020524-1