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x-Office Store products purchase steps


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2. Inquire needed software

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4.Fill the order, name, Telephone[Required]

5.Submit orders

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7.Payment: PayPal

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Corporate Purchasing:

To satisfy the bulk of most enterprise customers’ demand for software purchase,Rely on our many years of experience in the software industry, we have lunched a professional services--Corporate purchasing operations.


Service targets:

1.Enterprise customers in China and abroad, the Group's customers and public customers, schools and other units

2.Group purchase:  Individual groups who has a collective purchase demands

3.The orders amount is more than $ 1,000


Procurement process:

1. Contact our company account manager of the purchasing department , then account manager will recommend the most optimal procurement solution according to  the customers' needs and budget to get a better purchase consulting effect.

2.Depending on customer’s purchase product variety, quantity, amount,  long-term cooperation or other specific situation, account Manager can give a discount under the basis of the original price.

3.After fulfillment of the cooperate intention, the two sides signed a "purchase contract" and then complete the purchase process according to the contract content.


x-Office Store Corporate Purchasing Department Contact:

Tel: 010-64391023

Beijing Nestone Technology Co., Ltd Beijing ICP 11020524-1