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Professional quality, x-Office achievement,PDF signature shelves!
Author:nestone    Posted on :2012-12-21 02:09:09    Characters:【Big】【Middle】【Small

The emergence of the x-PDFStamp, add signatures in PDF documents easier. With this software, you can design a signature into static, PDF files, images, dynamic forms to meet the needs of different users. the x-PDFStamp supports batch operations, business users can greatly improve work efficiency. the x-PDFStamp increase in various forms as PDF files signature. 14 kinds of commonly used signature icon software in the production of static signature, provide users; create image signature, x-PDFStamp can import a variety of image file format compatible, support jpg, bmp, png, gif, tiff five formats picture; Create PDF signature, the user can specify a page in a PDF file as a signature; production of dynamic signatures, signature circular interior is divided into three parts on the middle and lower user input 2 the strings were set in the last two columns, placed in the middle a certain date format string, the format can be specified by the user. Four types of signatures can be arranged for any location in the PDF page, the user can specify a signature page which specific location (rectangle specified by the four values ??range limit), you can also set the transparency. Thinking of you, your satisfaction is our greatest rest assured that your needs are our eternal purpose!

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