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Author:nestone    Posted on :2012-12-20 12:37:30    Characters:【Big】【Middle】【Small

Beijing Nestone Technology Co., Ltd is a professional company, after nearly 20 years of accumulated data format conversion, we have a more in-depth understanding of the more than 200 kinds of file formats and the corresponding product. We are committed to our data conversion technology continues to deepen, so that our users can not only get the long-term technical support, you can also do the follow-up to ensure new products constantly in the field of data conversion. My company in Japan, the United States, mainland China have branches. Products throughout Japan, the United States, Canada, mainland China, Taiwan, and Europe and many other countries and regions. We have developed the product information from all over the world, so our product design is more advanced. In particular, we are now developed the named XSLFormatter the product is one of the best products in the world currently supports XSL specification. Format conversion in PDF, XML, and application software is not only the number and the technology advanced, the quality is also very good. We launched a product called SBC's server-based data services software, it can use the data in various formats to XML as an intermediary convert the Mobile SVG data format for mobile device applications, providing a flexible application data Tablet PC new concept of the product. I believe that our efforts can let the Tablet PC can have access to the application worlds richer information.

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