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Tablet to read, edit, anywhere.
Author:nestone    Posted on :2012-12-20 12:00:29    Characters:【Big】【Middle】【Small

jinruan Office Pro Tablet Pro is a mobile office software, no matter where you are able to do in the office daily office, on mobile phones and other mobile devices are able to achieve.
With the rapid development of mobile communication technology, China's mobile network has to move from 3G to 4G, mobile phone users in China has reached nearly 900 million, and tablet PCs, netbooks, e-books and other equipment not only has the functionality of the mobile communications both wireless broadband Internet access, and communication functions greatly enhance the mobile office has become essential to the development trend of the mobile devices.
Beijing Nestone Technology Co., Ltd aimed at the needs of the market, according to their years of experience in the development of software applications in the field of mobile phone applications, independent research and development of a platform based mobile phones and other mobile devices, set Office document browsing and editing, PDF documents Converted various printing of documents, handwritten notes of various document annotation, handwritten text readily record the issuing process, document translation, audio reading, the original handwriting handwritten issuing process and save office documents, handwritten sign and ratify and save image files, document files encryption / digital signature features such as multi-point network synchronization document to issuing timely network resource center, the various functions of the network library, Internet novel / poetry / entertainment as a whole set of office suite for mobile phone users - jinruan Office Pro. It also utilize cloud computing to provide the document network remote access.
The introduction of the system, which is the essence of 10 years of technology accumulation set of red cherry maple software provides a convenient and efficient mobile office platform for the majority of mobile phones and other mobile clients. Not only at home, abroad, few such integrated mobile office system. On the office real significance, he can get rid of the traditional office environment, handling various document files anytime, anywhere, and improve user office flexibility, and is not limited by time, space, geographical.
PDF conversion on the actual operation of the system shows that, whether it is web browsing, or looking at books or browse the contents of Office to edit the document, can be achieved by a simple operation. And can browse the content via WIFI to connect the printer directly to print output. In a small cell phone capable of displaying anything with exactly the same operation on the PC, it appears it possible to 3A office, that office staff can at any time (Anytime), anywhere (Anywhere) processing business (Anything). This new office model, you can get rid of the shackles of time and space of the office staff, improve efficiency, and enhance remote collaboration, can easily handle especially difficult to resolve urgent matters General office mode. Not only to ensure the simplicity of the user's office, but also to ensure that user data security, and meet the needs of the mobile office, its goal is transregional, across time zones, cross-system, cross-network, real-time cross-platform information exchange to ensure safe, efficient, convenient, and thus to enhance the user's agility, should be sensitive to change, more accurate decision-making, more efficient management, mobile applications, scaled to a new level.

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